Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Everybody still with me?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to pop in to the Blogs to say that yes, I'm still alive, and to apologize for not having anything up on the blogs for quite some time. I can't even use Steve's favorite excuse "I was just so busy" because honestly, I had a whole week off, and just couldn't get myself up here to put anything down. Things have been blah, spirits have been lower than usual, maybe it's the change of season that gets people in a funk, maybe it's the slight changes in my life that I'm not sure how to deal with, maybe it's that money has been exceedingly tight this month, which never has a good impact on my disposition. But I'm hopeful it'll all pass. In the meantime, thanks for continuously checking in, I promise to have some goodies up for you soon.


Steve said...

Dude, I'm very psyched that you finally got around to catching up on reading my February blog entries. ;-)

Seriously, I can dig where you're coming from. (How's that for outmoded lingo?) When I have things to stress about, I stress more and have no inspiration to write. I'm in non-write mode, myself, right now. It comes and goes.

Toni said...

(HUG) Don't be down! It is almost spring again, which means lots more fresh air. Everything seems better when you can see be out in the sun a bit.